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Anti-scam guide INFORMATION

A lot of people desperate to meet their “mate”, use the services of different agents of marriage, not even trying to find out whether they are real or is it just a scam.

It is probable that paying agency services, men sometimes do not get any options of possible meetings, or even as a result cannot find the paid agency itself .

Due to the poor economic situation in the country, many of our women would like to marry a foreigner. So, as the demand creates the supply many "international marriage agencies" were opened recently.

However, some of our Slavic "brides" use these agencies in not a very honest way. Being young, attractive, photogenic, they receive invitations from the agency's clients, go to meet the supposed “future husband", relax and have fun at their own expense and without spending a dollar come back home. 

Also, it is significant the increase of frauds in relation to men foreigners, when the ladies under different pretexts ask men to send some amounts of money, and when they get it, stop all correspondence with them. 
All this leads to a deterioration of opinions on all Ukrainian girls and marriage agencies. That is why we have a “severe and tough policy” towards the ladies seen in the fraud.

That is why in this article we will discuss in detail about the signs by which one can find out whether the intentions of the lady that communicate with hopeful men are serious, or her only aim is just a simple money extortion.

Nonexistent agencies

With increasing demand for marriage services grows the number of scams. The representatives of the marriage business have even their own statistics: every fifth foreigner trying to get acquainted with Russian or Ukrainian girl over the Internet with the purpose of marriage is guaranteed to become a victim of fraud.

In some "unscrupulous" Ukrainian marriage agencies are now working entire states of scammers. Typically, these agencies work with the models, which agree in advance with the owners of the agencies to share the profits. They act according to the following scheme: the company contacts a man who is looking for a life partner, telling him that this is the girl he is looking for. Dealers organize meeting and accept from men the payment around of 30-100 dollars.

The meeting takes place, but after that the girl says the man that he did not fit her. So the agency offers a foreigner to meet another girl, and history repeats itself. Sometimes the agency even may ask the groom money for the lady’s transportation. For example, they may say that the arrival from Poltava to Kiev costs not less then $ 300 - $ 500.

Sometimes happens that the girl no longer requires the services of the agency, and asks to delete her information from the agency’s page, but nobody does that and the agency keeps selling her phone number and personal data to all the interested in her men.
Also there are many cases when employees of the marriage agencies may communicate with men on behalf of the ladies. In their letters they ask for money in very indiscrete manner. 

Typically, if you want to get "work" in such an agency, you don’t need to have experience or a perfect knowledge of the language. Good fantasy is welcomed.

The offices of these agencies are completely absent or carefully hidden. All "employees" work for 5-6 hours online from home. They communicate with men on behalf of the girls at special websites-moderators, and for more colorful that can be the letters written by employees, the more responses from men who are logging into a site and paying their "participation credits " the unreal ladies will get. The creators of the site are paid about $ 8 for every letter written by a man, and "the girl who picks this communication" for each received letter gets $ 1-2. Meetings as a rule do not occur. The men almost never get the possibility to meet ladies personally. 

When men send the girl chocolates or flowers, or any other kind of gifts, agency staff does really pass this gift to the lady who in reality is just a model that receives money for access to her data. Overjoyed man, getting a picture of his "sweetheart with a gift in her hands”, keeps believing blindly that he is on his way to happiness with his future wife.


Besides the fake marriage agencies, there are some people who call themselves "matchmakers." Their services include search for a suitable candidate for the role of the bride and groom, and their acquaintance.
As experience shows, not all "matchmakers" are engaged in honest work. The fraudsters-matchmakers can be recognized, according to different agencies workers, if they, for example, guarantee for a small sum to introduce you almost an angel of God. Or if go already to the fifth meeting for which you pay the money, and each bride after the first one changes her mind to meet you. So we can assume that the selected candidates may be just figureheads who are payed a small percentage of the amount of the money stolen from man.


As the brides-scammers became a byword for the foreigners, the unlucky happiness seekers began a campaign against unfair ladies. On the worldwide web, they have created several websites that publish data of women found guilty of lying.
On web sites, the agencies employees and victims report that these ladies under various pretexts can request money from foreigners, and psychologically it is difficult to refuse them.
There can be a variety of occasions to ask for money:

  • "It’s expensive to communicate with you by Internet";
  • "I'm going to visit you, but do not have the required sum";
  • "Before leaving to your country, some problems arose, so I urgently need money, and my departure may be delayed ";
  • "I'm sorry for not having written, I'm just very sick. I had an operation on the appendix (I had pneumonia, I broke my leg, got into an accident, a piano had fallen on my head, etc., in other words I have an inflammation of craftiness) ";
  • "I understand you so bad, I think, to establish a loving relationship with you I need to learn the language actively, but it is so expensive to do it here! It would be great if you could help me to pay a course "; 
  • "In order to come to visit you, I need to apply for a visa, so I need the money to do that, but my economical situation doesn’t allow me to do that, you know which country I live in. And by the way, it would be better if I buy the tickets myself here, so it will be much cheaper ".

And these options can be millions.
The man expecting his guest or just in love and feeding some hopes often believes in such lies and sends the required amount. But the lady then either disappears or continues to tell him tales about the impossibility of arrival and various twists and turns of her difficult Slavic life.
In the black lists of marital scammers their creators warn that all the letters from pseudo brides to foreigners basically are very similar. The liar can tell the sad story that she lives with her mother, may send photos of her girlfriend instead of her own photos. Foreign men can occasionally make phone calls, but usually she states that she hasn’t got a phone in her home yet. In this brief calls, if there is some of the questions she does not want to answer, she may say outlandish guy that she does not understand him or do not know how to answer to his question in English.

How to deal with such a phenomenon as a fraud?

Everyone can do it their own way. Some frustrated men are trying to write a complaint, bring the matter to law enforcement. Others create blacklists of women liars to help other men avoid such a bitter experience. Others make an effort to return the stolen money.
We in our turn, as an agency, check the data of our clients and supervise the organization of meetings, avoiding the insolent defrauding of money from our customers.

Our advice, as of the agency that is fighting for honesty and reputation of real marriage agencies:

  • In any case, do not send the girl money, especially if you do not know her personally, and have been emailing her a short period of time!
  • Do not register on dating sites where you can supposedly using the correspondence to meet a girl - because you never know who actually writes you, young potential bride or an elderly fat man with rough imagination!
  • Discuss thoroughly all aspects of future dating, to avoid confusion in the material and in the psychological side of the issue!
  • Inform us immediately about the scam or your deception to remove the scammer-girl’s data, thus having protected from danger hundreds of men!

Remember, we work for your good!